Important: State of this project is mature (see news).

DpartialMirror is attempt to optimize the synchronizing of a remote distribution with a local one. Synchronizing is done through the script distsync. A helper script dsc2man converts descriptions of the synched distribution to man pages.


distsync allows to check/synch a local mirror from a distribution package mirror (currently only Debian). All the distribution control files (i.e. Packages, Sources) which where listed in a distribution list file are processed. Processing of the packages within these control files can be filtered based on either dist/comp/arch and/or the package name/infos. Synchronization between the mirrors is always done using rsync.

For more info see here.


dsc2man converts package descriptions into man pages. To prevent possible name conflicts, the man pages are created in subsection "/dsc" under "/use/local/man". Of course this can be changed in the config file. The distribution control files (Packages), where the descriptions where taken from, have do be defined through the distribution list file.

For more info see here.

More infos

If you want more infos (i.e. usage) look into the documentation.


2004-04-03 (wyo) Since Debian does not change its policy to add adequate support for rsync'ing package mirrors, I don't actively develop DpartialMirror further. While I still use it each day and it still is one of the most efficient way to sync package mirrors, I only will make changes to keep it running. Therefore I've set the state of the project to mature.

2004-04-03 (wyo) Fixed an annoyance when using the dirmask from the config file. Also several other small enhancements which accumulated over the time. Released 2.0.2

2003-10-19 (wyo) Fixed incompatibility with perl 5.8, released distsync 2.0.1.