Converts the package descriptions into man pages.


The Description to man page script (dsc2man) converts the package descriptions into man pages. To prevent possible name conflicts, the man pages are created in subsection "7dsc" under "/use/local/man". Of course this can be changed in the config file "/etc/dsc2man.conf". The distribution control files (Packages), where the descriptions where taken from, have do be defined through the distribution list file ("/etc/distributions.list", "/etc/apt/sources.list") or if none where searched within the basedir.


Written by Otto Wyss, mailto:wyo@users.sourceforge.net


 dsc2man		[-ADfhqVv] [-c=file] [[-e=|-i=]keywords] [[-E=|-I=]file] 

 Gets the Debian dists control files within the basedir and checks/synchs 
 any contained items

 -A|--actual-pkgs	Processes only actual installed items
 -c|--config-file=file	Get the configuration from this file
 -D|--debug level	Debug functionality (level 1..9)
 -e|--exclude=keyword	Exclude any matching dist/comp/arch (',' separated)
 -E|--exclude-from=file	Exclude any item (names, etc.) listed in file
 -f|--force		Overwrite any existing man page
 -h|--help		Prints the usage
 -i|--include=keyword	Include any matching dist/comp/arch (',' separated)
 -I|--include-from=file	Include any item (names, etc.) listed in file
 -o|--output-to=file	Write all wrong items to file instead of synchronize
 -q|--quiet		Don't show messages (decreases the verbose mode by one)
 -v[v]			Verbose mode (-vv more verbose)
 -V|--version		Version


0.1.0	2002-04-03	Initial release

0.1.1	2002-04-04	Changed to subsection "7dsc" which is more suitable.
			Searching Packages files without using a distribution 
			list is now the default.

0.1.2	2002-04-06	Minor code cleanup 

0.1.3	2002-04-26	Leading space of description handled correct

1.0.0	2002-05-15	Changed the version to mark the stable state